Mystery Produce: Fresh Chickpeas

Fresh chickpeas, by amolson1 on

As part of Jilly’s visit to Philadelphia, we made our regular circuit of key South Philly institutions: La Lupe, Chickie’s, Di Bruno’s, and, of course, the Italian Market. Both of us got excited when we saw what we thought was a bin of fresh fava beans. We envisioned a fruity, lemony salad, maybe with some chopped red onion and garlic and salt. Imagine our surprise when we opened one up to see that it contained a fresh chickpea instead. They sort of taste like fresh peas. We’re thinking we’re going to make the same salad, but with the chickpeas instead. Anybody else know what to do with them?

(Photo uploaded to by amolson1)

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1 comment to Mystery Produce: Fresh Chickpeas

  • […] on a similar one I had in Spain—has become a staple in our house. (I promise an update on those fresh chickpeas soon, but first, a stew to go with the rainy, dreary weather.) It’s cheap, flavorful, and, if […]