Cherries in Syrup

Sorry for the silence, folks. I am forcing myself to step slowly away from the piano to tell you more about what we did with all that fruit. We’ll get back in the swing of thing with an easy one: cherries in syrup.

Do you like brandied cherries? Or maybe candied cherries? Then this one may be for you. The basic idea is that you put your cherries in sterilized jars with something sweet, like simple syrup or a liqueur, then tuck them in the back of your refrigerator for several months. Then serve them in their stunning summer glory over ice cream or custard or chocolate mousse in the deep of winter. If you’d like, you can add something that will give it flavor, like a vanilla bean, star anise, or cardamon. Whether you pit them or not is really up to you. Pitting them makes them easier to eat, but the pits add some flavor. Your call.

Cherries in Syrup

Some quantity of cherries, pitted if desired
Sweet liquid to cover, such as simple syrup or brandy
Sterilized jars
Spices for flavoring, if desired

1) If you’re using a simple syrup, simply dissolve sugar in water over low heat in a 1:1 ratio. Let it cool.

2) Put your cherries in the jars and cover with a sweet liquid. Run a knife around the inside of the jar to remove air bubbles if needed. Add any spices (I like star anise) and more liquid, if needed. Refrigerate and forget about them for at least two months. Then eat at will.

Bonus: Once you’ve finished all the cherries you’ll be left with a cherry-infused syrup. It’s DYI kirsch!

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