Join the Canvolution!

Doris and Jilly (or at least Doris, so far) are officially joining the Canvolution! Late last week I received an e-mail from Marisa at Food in Jars filling me in on an idea for an exciting, nationwide, grassroots can-a-thon the weekend of August 29–30. Soon dozens of e-mails were flying, and I stepped back in awe as Kim O’Donnel, Jeanne Sauvage, Stephanie Gailing, and several other dedicated canners had created an insta-movement, with a Web site (Cans Across America), a twitter feed (follow @canvolution), and press coverage (this article in Slashfood, to start, with print and radio media to follow).

I’ll be doing my part in West Philly with a class (classes?) and an info table (sorry, no stove means no demo) at the Clark Park Farmer’s Market August 29 from 10–1:30. The class, at 2 PM, will cover the basics of water-bath canning. The cost is $25/person, and you’ll leave with a pint jar of freshly canned tomatoes and the confidence to can the next batch yourself. (Update 8/25: Due to changing USDA recommendations and time constraints, we’ll be doing peaches instead of tomatoes.) Space is limited, so sign up early. If there’s interest, I can also offer a pressure-canning course the next day. You can find out more and hold your spot by e-mailing me at

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