Canning Classes Redux

Space is still available in our introductory canning class on Saturday, August 29th, at 2 PM in West Philadelphia (just off Clark Park—address provided upon registration). $25 gets you an introduction to basic water-bath canning procedures, equipment, and safety. You’ll leave with a pint jar of freshly canned tomatoes and recipes that you can use at home. All supplies will be provided. Just e-mail me at to sign up or to request more info.

I’ve also received a couple of requests for a pressure canning class the following day (Sunday, August 30th). Rustle up at least 6 people (but no more than 12, please) and I’ll make this a go!

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2 comments to Canning Classes Redux

  • Right now, I have plans to visit my grandmother in NYC that weekend, but I would love to take either one of these classes. I’m juggling my schedule, but I probably won’t know how successful I’ve been until two weeks out. Would that be enough advanced notice?

  • dorisandjilly

    The Saturday class (water-bath) is definitely on–the pressure canning class is the one that is dependent on interest. Just let me know if I should sign you up for Saturday!