Cabbage Overload

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t grow plenty of produce without a large garden. You’re looking at the 10 pounds of cabbage that I grew in the little speck of green in front of my house in West Philly. Nestled among the herbs, day lilies, irises, horseradish, strawberries, and chard, these guys provided a welcome flash of color and inspired at least one neighbor to move her cucumbers to the front of her house. Edible landscaping, ahoy!

But of course, this means that I now find myself the proud owner of 10 pounds of cabbage. Any suggestions for what to do with it? I’m thinking pink sauerkraut, but am open to suggestions….

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4 comments to Cabbage Overload

  • se

    Definitely sauerkraut. I’ve been making batches with one head of red cabbage and one head of green with dill, onions, garlic, and caraway seeds and it’s been absolutely dynamite. Should make for a delicious spread!

  • what about kimchi?
    i just made a bunch last week and it is yummy! is it all purple cabbage that you grew?

    also, keep in mind that cabbage stores quite well in the fridge so if you have room you can keep it around for a bit, and then as you go make: coleslaw, cabbage and noodles, stuffed cabbage, cornbeef and cabbage, cabbage salad with carrot dressing…ok, i’m part hungarian & slovakian so there was a lot of cabbage in my house growing up! 🙂

    but now one of my favorite dishes is indian curried cabbage; just chop up one head of cabbage and then put some ghee or peanut oil in a hot frying pan throw a 1/2 teaspoon of black mustard seeds in and let them pop, then a pinch of the indian spice powder called asifitida or hing, let that sizzle for a second or two, then put the cabbage in and fry until it is soft, a bit of salt and YUM! that’s what i do with my purple cabbage each summer if i get a lot of it…

  • Tara

    My purple kraut always come out better than the green. Lots more flavor!

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