Canning Kit Giveaway!

Ball - Fresh Preserving Starter Kit
The good folks at Canvolution have partnered with Jarden Home Brands, the makers of Ball® Brand Fresh Preserving Products, for a canning giveaway! I have one kit to give away. The kit contains the a large water bath canner, a canning rack, a jar lifter, a lid lifter, a funnel, and a bubble removal tool. To enter, leave a comment telling us why you want to start canning, and I’ll select a winner from a random number generator. (Be sure to include an e-mail address, which will not be posted, so I can contact you for a mailing address if you’re the winner.) Deadline for entry is Friday, 5 P.M., August 7.

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40 comments to Canning Kit Giveaway!

  • Kendra Boileau

    Ooh, a canning kit giveaway! Please enter me in the competition. If I lived closer to you I’d sign up for your canning classes. Alas, here in the Midwest, I’ll have to learn on my own. Why, you ask, do I want to start canning? Well, because I can! Okay, seriously, because my mom used to make the BEST homemade canned tomato juice *and* dill pickles–I can still remember how wonderful the kitchen smelled on these days, especially from the fresh dill from our garden. I’d like to try my hand….

  • It looks like I’m going to get a bumper crop of tomatoes, and I’d love to be able to can them and give them as gifts this Christmas.

  • Cesare Arici

    Late each summer I would get bushels of NJ tomatos for my Sicilian born (Capo d’Orlando) mother. She would spend days canning them for winter-time sauce over homemade pasta. Since her passing 2 years ago, I have come to really miss her sauce, especially in winter. She also canned fruit preserves that she would server over ice cream, and certain vegatables.

    After her passing, I [stupidly] got rid of some of her canning items thinking there would no longer be needed.

    As an only-child, I feel an even greater need to reconnect with my mother and her heritage. So this year I decided to try to do my own canning of tomatos in an attempt to replicate her dishes and carry on her traditions.

    Thank for taking the time to read this.

    Cesare Arici
    Newtown Square, PA

  • Melynda Hoffman

    Because I want to be just like my Grandmaw when I grow up.

  • Melynda Hoffman

    (That’s how she spelled it)

  • smb73

    because I am about to pick my own fruit off a farm and ill need to do something with it!

  • Beth C.

    I want to start canning because I have two young children! I remember helping my mother can when I was a child (after, of course, I had to help in the garden :). Thinking back to how magical everything seemed, I would like to be able to share that with my own children. Plus, it’s just one more way to help show my kids that we really *can* be connected to the food we eat – even after the Farmer’s Market has closed for the season!

  • Jane

    It’s about time to be able to pass on to other generations on how to can! It must not be forgotten, and it’s always worth the extra effort to learn something so wonderful that gives the gift of through out the year.

    Would love to win.

  • gina kemna

    I am so excited to try my mother’s state fair, blue ribbon jellies, she won at the texas state fair! Keep it all in the family!, and pass it down to my kids!

  • Because I want feel the smug satisfaction of a full pantry.

  • Era

    I want to take my canning to the next level. I’ve been experimenting with jams and jellies mostly, and refrigerator pickles, but I would love to move on to more exotic things like tomato sauce (especially tomato sauce!). And I would love this kit to bring me up to a more safe and efficient canning level so I’m not killing myself by trying to pick up boiling hot jars with two forks!

  • Molly

    I spent the summer between my freshman and sophomore years at college at my parents’ house — it was an idyllic summer; I worked a boring job but had plenty of free time to roam farmers’ markets. I started canning then — apricot preserves, strawberry jam, and salsa… I haven’t canned since then, mainly because I tend to spend my summers on the move. My life’s calming down a bit, and I think that I’d like to spend next summer canning… Unfortunately, though, my parents gave my canning stuff to the goodwill after it had been sitting unused in their basement for a summer or two.

  • Jen

    Ooh, this would finally give me the kick in the pants I need to get going with canning, especially now that all of my tomatoes are starting to ripen!

  • Aleana

    I want to learn to can because the prices of good fruits and veggies here in the South West in winter is high enough to make you cry. Because my Fiance’s grandmother has dozens and dozens of lovely canning jars just sitting around unused. Because I need a hobby that actually produces something good for my family, instead of just sitting at the computer all day like I usually do now.

  • aladyinred

    I like the idea of being able to just go down to the cellar and get a jar of tomato sauce that I made, but has the ease of sauce in a jar.

    Also I love doing things myself instead of relying on High fructose Corn syrup! This would be the perfect jump start, since right now everything I make has to be refrigerated because I don’t have a pot deep enough or a rack to put in it, and money is too tight to buy one!

  • Ellen

    Why do I want to can? Let me count the ways.
    1. I have been inspired by this blog.
    2. The pickles and Kim chee which we made thus far have been delicious and I would like to make them in abundance.
    3. Spending the time cooking with my son cooking and watching him boast proudly that he is a chef is the best.
    4. Watching and experiencing how food transforms from one stage to the next is fascinating.

  • Amanda Jackson

    Like many others, I learned to can from my mom. Now I live far from her and can’t help. I really miss the smell of simple syrup and blanched peaches. Smells like home.

  • Allison Dean

    I have been figuring this out on my own as there were not many canners in my family. I love the flavors of real delicious fruits and veggies and love the ability to seal it for use when the sun is low and days are shorter and colder.

  • Louise

    I have already made some strawberry jam early in the summer, and it is/was delicious and I now want to pack more good summer fruit and veggies away. I like that I know what my family is eating.
    Unfortuantely I am working with my great grandmothers rusty canning pot, no jar lifter, no funnel. It was a unpleasant event to actually can the goods. Some new equipment would be a dream!

  • mary fran

    i want to learn how to can so that i can have delicious tomatoes year-round. and to save money!

  • quiets

    I’m a broke student who recently started gardening – in part because there’s nothing better than fresh veggies and in part because it makes economic sense. The over-riding reason though – is that I love to be outside, dig in the dirt, and watch my plants grow. I’d love to can some of my huge crop of tomatoes that’s about to come in so I can continue to enjoy them through the long, hard, cold months of winter study.

  • I started canning because:
    1. It just taste better.
    2. It’s Healthier.
    3. I know what goes into my food.
    4. Love the satifaction of accomplishing something wonderfully delicious.
    5. Keep a tradtition Alive by teaching my children the art of food preservation.

  • Anne Falasco

    I have always thought I was a socially conscious eater bc I tried to buy organic. Last summer, like so many of us did, I read Animal, Veg, Miracle and my view changed. Long gone are my trips to Whole Foods and Wegmans. Now I plan my menus around the schedules of the dozens of farmers markets in Philly, took a vacation day to visit Jack’s Farm in Pottstown, bought a second freezer to store all the lcoal meats i buy, and spend my weekends tending the 200SF garden in my mother-in-laws backyard in the northeast (I live in south philly and have no land that isnt concrete) that provides me my seasonal veggies. To complete my journey in sustainable foods, I need to become a canner!!!!!

  • Anna

    I want to feed my family food pick in season and at its ripest. We do a lot of PYO food and eat primarily local. It is a wonderful adventure.

  • slowcycle

    I’d love a canning kit. I just started pickling and canning (tomatoes). My equipment is very ad hoc. I use a giant soup pan that doesn’t have a matching lid. I substituted with a pan lid – but it is much bigger, the condensation forms on the lid, drips onto the stove, and sometimes through the stove on to the floor. It’s kind of a mess. My soup pot is not big enough to can quart size jars – which is a bummer cause i just bought a flat of them.

    I’m on the urban frontier of canning – preserving farmers market goodness and some u-pick goodness too.

  • I eat almost completely locally. I have been canning, freezing and dehydrating all summer. However, I just figured out that my pot and rack are rusted, which has left a thin dusting of rust on all my jars – including the inside when I was sterilizing them. I could not see it with the naked eye, but it showed up when I took pictures of the jars. When I investigated more closely I discovered the rust. Now I am questioning all 300 jars that I have canned. I have immediately stopped using it and I desperately need a new set of tools.

  • Hilary

    I hope to make my own raspberry jam to give away as bridesmaid gifts at my wedding this fall!

  • Kim

    I want to start canning to save money and have better tasting foods.

  • Debbie

    I started canning because I believe it’s a lost art & because it is saving my family money. My grandmother used to can all the time & I loved watching her! My mother was a good cook but she didn’t can. This summer I have canned more than I have ever done! Friends & family memebers have been giving me produce & I just can’t stand for it to go to waste so I find a recipe & can it!

  • Milla

    I want to start canning because I took a class this summer at Philly Kitchen Share and I work at farmers’ markets around Philly. I would love to bring the two together and eat my farmers’ produce year-round.

  • Any of you above are going to LOVE canning food! I started a little over a year ago and have found it to be very rewarding!

  • anne

    Because I’m in the process of learning how, and my CSA produce has already overwhelmed my freezer!

  • Michele

    Well people have been canning in my family for years now.
    And I have just started learning. And I love doing it! Pluse its a lost art and I want to be able to bring it back into my generation. I tell my friends in my high school all the neat things you can can other than jellys and jams. I tell them about all the meats and that u can can butter and all orts of things. And I hope to be able to have kids who will want to know about it as well.

  • Sarah

    I can’t wait to begin canning… it is such a wonderful way to preserve a summer harvest, and I love doing things that carry on the traditions of my grandparents. I love your blog as well! 🙂

  • Amy

    I want to learn to can because I want to be able to better regulate the foods that our family eats. Plus it’s just so much healthier and cheaper when you buy in bulk and can into portion sizes for your family!

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  • Jeannine

    I canned my whole childhood but am new to canning on my own. This would be the perfect thing to get me started.

  • Carin

    ooooh, I would love a canning kit! I have tomatoes that are just begging to be preserved for winter!

  • I have just started canning this summer and I am addicted. It would be great to win this kit so that I could have a dedicated set of tools to work with.

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