The Day After the Canvolution

Yesterday we celebrated the Canvolution, a day of food preservation to celebrate tradition, the harvest, and local foodways. I spent the morning doing a “dry demo” at the Clark Park Farmer’s Market, then taught my inaugural water-bath canning class. I hope those of you who stopped by to ask a question or attended the class had as much fun as I did—thanks so much for your enthusiasm, your questions, and your patience.

Lessons for next time:

(1) Buy a new jar lifter.

(2) Figure out a way for participants to transport hot jars.

(3) Remember to explain that my name isn’t actually Doris.

(4) Buy smaller peaches.

(5) Magically summon two extra stovetop burners and pans.

If you attended the class and have feedback, or missed it and want to arrange another one on any food preservation topic in the Philadelphia area, just drop me a line at Fan mail, is, of course, welcome below. Happy canning!

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2 comments to The Day After the Canvolution

  • Era

    I’m sorry I missed it and I hope you do it again soon! It sounds like it went really well. Maybe we could do a class on pickling string beans or making salsa?

  • Lisa

    The class was fantastic. I went into it totally convinced that canning would be complicated and risky. I walked out totally convinced that canning is practical, economical, and accessible. I’ve been telling everyone who’s willing to listen all about what we learned!

    Thanks again for sharing your wisdom!