Brandied Pears

Like regular canned pears, only drunk.

Brandied Pears

5 pounds ripe, yet firm, pears
Sugar syrup, at your preferred level of sweetness (I like 1 sugar: 2 water)
Several cups brandy

1) Put on a pot for a boiling water bath and sterilize your jars. I used 2 quarts and 2 pints. Life will be easier if you use wide-mouth jars. Heat up appropriate lids to match.

2) Heat up (or make) your simple syrup.

3) Peel and core your pears. Stuff them as tightly as possible into the jars, cut-side down. Pour 1 c. brandy into each of the quart jars and 1/2 c. brandy into each of the pint jars. Top them off with syrup. Run a spatula or knife around the edges to remove air bubbles, then add more syrup if necessary.

4) Screw on the lids and transfer the jars to the hot water bath. Process pints 20 minutes and quarts 25 minutes.

Let these sit for at least a month before opening to allow the flavors to pervade the fruit. Eat them on their own or over ice cream, and don’t forget the best part: pear brandy. You could boil it down to make a sauce, if you wanted, or just serve it in little tiny portions as a digestif.

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6 comments to Brandied Pears

  • dogear6

    I tried the brandied peaches from the Ball Book. They are good – a definite little zing to them – but you really cannot identify that they have brandy in them. After looking at your recipe, I think the next time I just need to add a lot more brandy than 1 tbsp. per pint.

    I imagine that if you wanted to fit more pears into the jar that you could cut them into rings.

    Thanks for the recipe and photos!

  • pam

    I’ve had brandied peaches and brandied cherries, but never pears. I bet they’re good.

  • Can you just put unpelled clean pears in brandy and store them in the fridge? someone told me to try this?????

  • brabdied pears…..?????Do you have to cook, peel ? I was told to put washed pears into clean jars wotj brandy and store???????

  • Susan

    All recipes I’ve seen require the pears to be cooked in syrup before canning. I’m wondering what the difference will be without cooking first. Do the pears hold their shape better?

  • Scott M.

    I love brandied pears. I was in the navy and would take them on deployments with me. Awesome!!!!