An explanation...

You may have noticed that we’ve slowed down at bit here at Doris and Jilly. We have many and varied excuses. Canning season is winding down, and Jilly is (understandably!) devoting her attentions to her new restaurant, The Farmer’s Daughter Bakery and Cafe, in Princeton, Indiana. The other problem is that I, Doris, am supposed to be writing a scholarly book. The good news is that the writing is going well; the bad news is that I seem to have only 500 words or so in me a day, leaving very few leftover for the blog. Sigh.

So: here’s our promise. Starting next week, we’ll be back up to two food posts a week. That’s a promise, kids, but anything more than that is gravy. We will, however, continue to monitor your comments and questions on a daily basis. If there’s something you’d particularly like to know about, please drop us a line!

The Goats

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