Applesauce vs. Applesauce

Last year, you may recall, I made a lot of applesauce. When I had time, I canned it; when I was lazy, I just stuck it in the freezer. Nine months later, we’ve been eating lots of each. The results?

No contest.

The canned applesacue is sooooo much better than the frozen. It has excellent texture, a great taste, and you don’t have to remember to thaw it. The freezer applesauce is…well…gummy. It’s fine to bake with, but I’d only eat it in a pinch. I suppose it’s possible that all of the gummy apples ended up in the freezer batches, but that seems highly unlikely, no?

If you, too, want to can applesauce, you have some choices. The National Center for Home Food Preservation says 15 minutes for pints and 20 minutes for quarts in a boiling water bath. If you’d rather use a pressure cooker, they recommend 8 minutes for pints, 10 minutes for quarts, both at 5 pounds of pressure. When I’ve done this, I’ve always used 10 pounds of pressure for 0 minutes, which seems to work pretty well, too, but note that you do so at your own risk.

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7 comments to Applesauce vs. Applesauce

  • daisy mae

    Interesting observation. Last year I froze applesauce. This year I canned it. The applesauce is ALOT better this year. It’s so good this year I’ll probably be out of applesauce by Christmas. I thought maybe it had to do with the apples. But I guess it had to do with the canning vs. freezing.

  • dogear6

    Can you still can it (vs freezing) when the apples are overripe and soft?

  • admin

    Sure! It’s still applesauce, either way.

  • that is interesting. I’ve made batches of applesauce both frozen and canned this year from about 4 or 5 varieties. Last year I put up 80# of apples and this year my goal is 200 since that is how much my kids eat in a year.

    I found the sauce from the early apples was the best because when I canned it didn’t separate into juice & sauce in the jars. The frozen was slightly fresher tasting. Anything I made with later apples was gross canned but ok frozen.

    Clearly though the trick is to get anything ending in gold, akane, transparent, liberty, king, lodi or any of the early old fashioned varieties.

    The other ones we ended up making leather from the sauce after straining the juice part out to drink.

  • admin

    @Sustainable eats: Fascinating! I do know that most of my frozen applesauce was from late season apples. A few of my canned jars did separate, but it didn’t seem to be a problem–I just stirred the liquid back in, and it tasted fine. Perhaps the separation itself is the problem, as it would create a solid layer of ice. Hmmm.

  • One nifty thing about libery, akane and any other white fleshed red peeled apple is that if you leave the skins on (I use my roma so I don’e peel or de-seed) the sauce is pink, which the kids love. The late season varieties give you dark sauce like in your picture. Early variety is almost white sauce and very pretty to look at. Those apples were made for saucin’.

  • Newtown pippin is in right now and makes a nice sauce even though it’s not an early. Nice balance of tart & sweet with light green skins. You should do some experimenting!