Happy Thanksgiving! (and about that stock...)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! When you’re done eating that turkey, be sure to make a stock. BUT—and this is a big but—unless you have a pressure canner, please don’t attempt to can it. Unlike fruits, tomatoes, and tomatillos, stock is a low acid food, which means that the temperature of boiling water is not enough to kill the bacteria. You need the higher temperatures of a pressure cooker. I’ve got step-by-step instructions, with pictures, on this post on chicken stock. Turkey stock is basically the same thing, just with a bigger bird.

And if you don’t have a pressure canner, don’t despair. Just freeze it.

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2 comments to Happy Thanksgiving! (and about that stock…)

  • sweetie

    any tips on making a veggie (vegan) stock? thx!

  • dorisandjilly

    Honestly, I’ve been disappointed with vegan stocks, and often find that I’m happier just using water in stews and grain dishes. If you’re making a broth-y soup, though, obviously you need more flavor. I’ve had some luck using fresh corn cobs, onions, tomatoes, etc. My best advice would be to consult a high-end vegetarian cookbook (I think Field of Greens has a few good ones) and to not add any cabbage-family vegetables. Good luck!