And the jar goes to....

Libby, over at Cafe Libby, is the lucky winner of the strawberry lemon marmalade (random number 34). But don’t worry: I’ve bought two dozen 4-oz jars just so I can start giving more of these tasty treats away. Stay tuned for February!

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8 comments to And the jar goes to….

  • Yippee! Thanks! Looking forward to it!

  • That’s a pretty cute little jar – is that Quattro Stagioni?

  • Hooray for 4-oz’ers! I love giving away treats, too.

  • Yeah, what’s up with that cute jar, anyways?

  • dorisandjilly

    I had no idea these little round jars were such gems! This is actually an 8-oz jar–the 4 ozer is a standard quilted Ball jar. I no longer have the brand information, but I bought a flat of these a few years ago at a Rural King (farm supply store) in Southern Indiana and just assumed they were readily available. It’s some sort of off-brand canning company, but the jars have the standard openings. Sorry I can’t provide more information!

  • I just found these at my local Agway. They are Quattro Stagioni by Bormioli, from Italy. My question: I notice the lids aren’t two-piece dealies like I am used to. They are just a one-piece lid. Is that what you had? Process the same as usual? (I assume so; that’s what the directions say.) Which makes me wonder: why do we have two-piece lids if we don’t need them?

  • dorisandjilly

    Julia, mine came with 2-piece lids. But you ask a good question. The short answer is that I’m not sure. A company in NY state recently sent me some one-piece lids with a tiny rubber strip underneath, and I’m going to test one out when I make my Feb. canjam entry. Obviously, looking at commercial jams, there’s nothing particularly magical about the two-piece lids–but the proper 1-piece lids don’t seem to be commonly available. More on this topic next week.