Beets for Everyone!

Beets! They’re beautiful! They’re delicious! They’re in season! And they’re red!

It’s been a veritable beetfest over here at goat central. We’ve been shredding them, pickling them, and pressure canning them. And, very importantly, teaching other people how to do these things, too. I love a good beet salad in season—one of my favorites follows below—but if you want to eat them in January, you’ve got to think ahead. Hence, the pickles and pressure canning.

Recall that beets are a low-acid food. That means that if you want to can them in a water-bath canner, you’ve got to douse them in acid—that is, pickle them. But if you don’t like pickled foods, you can still preserve them with the help of a handy dandy pressure canner. It’s a bit tricky, but not impossible, to explain this over a blog. I’ve tried to cover the basics in this detailed post on chicken broth. Put the beets into pint jars, cover them with water, and process for 35 minutes at 10 pounds pressure. If this sounds mysterious or scary, though, consider joining me for a “beets two ways” class on Saturday, June 26th, in West Philadelphia. If you want to know what you’re getting into, check out these two great Flickr sets by two adventurous souls who tried it a couple of weeks ago. (That’s me, Doris, in the blue and green flowered apron.)

Details for Beetfest 2! Pickled and Pressure Cooked

When: Saturday, June 26th, 1 PM
Where: Doris’s house in West Philly (details upon registration)
What: Learn to pickle and pressure can beets
Why: Why not?
Cost: $25/person
How to register: Send me an e-mail at

Beet Salad with Walnuts

A handful of walnuts
little bits of blue cheese
chopped herbs from the garden
a splash of balsamic vinegar and twice that much olive oil

Cook your beets however you like: boiled, roasted, or, my new favorite, pressure cooked for 10 to 15 minutes (depending on size) at 15 pounds of pressure. Peel and cut into bite-sized pieces. Let cool, then combine with everything else. Devour.

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1 comment to Beets for Everyone!

  • Now that sounds like a fun class. I wish I lived close! One day I may make it up then I will be taking a class from you!

    Jane in MO.