U-Pick Bliss

Picking fruit is a glorious way to spend a day. Picking fruit with friends is even better. Last Friday Kate (on the left) from The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking and her friend Liz came down from Brooklyn to join me (on the right) at Mood’s, my preferred berry-picking location. (I like how the very top of my hat just barely reaches Kate’s nose.) At this point, Kate’s nearly two-thirds done writing her book, and it was time for a berry-picking break. Mood’s came through, as always, with great fruit (and great prices).

I came home with about 8 pounds of blueberries, 10 pounds of plums, and a scant pound of raspberries. The raspberries are one their way out at this point—the lack of rain and crazy heat have done their work. But the plums! Oh, the plums! Never have I had such spectacular plums! Mood’s has both red and yellow Japanese sweet plums. The yellow ones (Shiro, I think) still needed a few days, but the red ones (possibly Au Rosa?) were easy pickings. You just reach up, pick two red plums, eat one, and put the other in your basket. Repeat. Experience bliss.

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4 comments to U-Pick Bliss

  • I went to Mood’s for the first time this weekend, upon your blog’s previous recommendation. I went for the raspberries but went home with mostly plums, and I completely agree – they’re out of this world! Plus, I got to experiment with plum jam. 🙂

  • hahaaa! That’s precisely what I did up there in the plum tree on the slightly dangerous ladder. I think Liz was starting to wonder what was taking me so long to fill my quart bins.

    What a lovely day, can’t wait to see you again on salsa/tomato madness day!

  • man that kate really gets around! 😉
    …looks like delicious fun!

  • pam

    What a wonderful haul!