Spring Fever

As if I had any doubt, spring is here!

Asparagus needs three years in the ground before its first harvest, and we’re not quite there yet. Next year, we’ll finally get to taste the amazing spears that poke their heads right out of our yard. In the meantime, they serve as a welcome reminder that winter is almost over.

We probably should have given the rhubarb several years’ reprieve, too, but too late. In another month, this rhubarb will be finding its way into jars, rounded out with some of last year’s cherries from the freezer.

And then there’s the horseradish. I love how its first leaves resemble ferns. Next it looks like dockweed; eventually it puts out little white flowers, looking like nothing so much as arugula’s crazy tough cousin.

Any signs of spring at your house?

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2 comments to Spring Fever

  • Mia

    Hey – hooray! You’re blogging again! We’ve had garlic popping up since one mild January day (crazy!) but it’s truly spring in upstate NY now. The daffodils, irises, and some kind of lily are all poking out their first leaves. We just planted raspberry bushes we got from my friend up in Berne and we’re excited for our first harvest this fall. We have a TON of weeding to do in the garden (and all around the house) but we’re so excited to start planting. Come visit again, eh?

  • Yay! So good to have you “back”! And I love your garden pictures… it’s such a perfect time of year to appreciate all of the little sprouts pushing their way through the soil!