Tucking the Blog In

The more discerning readers among you may have noticed that this blog hasn’t been updated in over a year. It’s time to make it official: Doris and Jilly Cook is now defunct. If part of the point of Doris and Jilly was to inspire people to can without fear, it succeeded! When we started this blog, back in the winter of 2009, I could count all of the canning blogs on one hand. Now everybody from The New York Times to Martha Stewart’s on the canning wagon. Canning’s so hip it’s become mildly ridiculous (Thank you, Portlandia).

Which isn’t to say that I stopped preserving food. Far from it. The basement larder’s lined and the fridge is full of kraut. But it’s safe to say that you don’t need me to tell you how to do it anymore.

By popular request, I’m leaving the archives up, but the comments are now closed. Thank you all for your interest, comments, and shares!

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