Ask the Goats: Canning Salsa

Ask the Goats is a weekly feature in which we, your loyal goats, attempt to answer your questions about growing, making, eating, and preserving food. Send us your questions at

Q. I am new at canning! My confusion comes from this: I make my own fire roasted salsa. I fire roast the fresh tomatoes, […]

Ask the Goats: Bad Seals in the Pressure Canner

A note from the goats: This blog used to have a weekly feature called “Ask the Goats.” At the time, most of our readers were people we knew in real life, and we quickly ran out of questions. Since then, our audience has grown, and we’re now getting a steady stream of questions on Twitter, […]

Ask the Goats: Blue Garlic

Sometimes garlic turns blue when I cook it. Why? Is it safe to eat?

(Andrew, Philadelphia)

When you first asked me this, I thought it was an easy question. So easy, in fact, that I planned on conducting a little kitchen experiment to document both the reaction and its counter-reaction. But things didn’t work out that way, […]

Ask the Goats: Split Peas in the Pressure Cooker?

Q: All of the pressure cooker instruction books say that you shouldn’t cook split peas in your pressure cooker. But Doris, you told me you did! What happened? Is it safe?

(a conversation between Doris and Jilly)

Well, Jilly. No, you really shouldn’t do this. I tried, and it’s the only time that I have been frightened […]

Ask the Goats: Premature Seal?

Q: I tried canning chicken stock, and followed the directions on your blog, but the lids made the “pop” sound as soon as I poured the liquid in and seemed to sealĀ (I hadn’t heated them up yet). Then I processed them. Is this OK? Are the jars safe to eat?

(from Christina, Philadelphia)

Yes! If you had […]

Ask the Goats: Canning black bean soup?

Q: I make a lot of black bean soup but don’t have much room in my freezer. Can I can it?

(Another one from Doris’s co-worker J)

I’m so glad you asked. Like they say on Facebook, it’s complicated. The short answer is yes, BUT only in a pressure canner. Beans are the classic low-acid botulism-breeding food. […]

DIY: Are you creme curious?

Welcome to the first installment of our new weekly feature, Ask the Goats!

Q: Tell me more about creme fraiche. It seems expensive. What’s all the fuss about? Is there a version I can make myself?

(Courtsey J, one of Doris’s co-workers)

Friends, it is time to examine a dairy product you may be lacking in your life. […]

New Feature: Ask the Goats!

Starting next week, we’ll be offering a Q&A feature in which we answer (or gamely try to answer) all your DIY home cooking conundrums. Besides your basic kitchen questions, canning, dehydrating, fermenting, freezing, pickling, pressure cooking, and other kinds of food preservation are all fair game. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll try […]