Canning on the Hudson

It’s the time of year when the days get longer, the crocuses start to bloom, and intrepid gardeners put in their peas. And as our larders from last year grow thin, we start to think about how, what, and how much to preserve from the coming year’s harvest. This projecting business is the hardest part—how […]

Perfect Persimmon Pudding

What ho! Is that a chocolate torte? Why, no! It’s a persimmon pudding, a rare and exquisite dessert rarely seen outside of West Virginia, Kentucky, Southern Indiana, and Southern Illinois. Native persimmons don’t travel well, so you’re unlikely to encounter a persimmon pudding far from where the fruit grows.

OK: Exquisite might be a bit much. […]

A Night with Amanda Hesser

Amanda Hesser arrived at my house last night wearing a giant fur hat and Chuck Taylors. How can you not love this woman?

She was in town as part of her book tour for The Essential New York Times Cookbook: Classic Recipes for a New Century, and, through a long sequence of events involving Kate Payne […]

Ask the Goats: Why Ovens Don't Count

Ask the Goats is a (mostly) weekly feature in which we, the goats, attempt to answer your food preservation questions. Got a question? Drop us a line at

Q. I made a beef stew in a 350°F oven. That’s hotter than a water bath, so why can’t I just can the stew as is? Why […]

Ask the Goats: Pinging Vegetable Stock

Ask the Goats is a weekly series in which we attempt to answer your questions about growing, making, eating, and preserving food. Got a question for the goats? Drop us a line at

Q. Hi. I am not new to canning. But something happened this year that has never happened before. […]

Ask the Goats: Pressure Cooker as Pressure Canner?

Ask the Goats is a weekly feature in which we answer your questions about growing, making, preserving, and eating food. Got a question for us? Drop us a line at

Q. I just purchased my first pressure cooker; a 6 quart. Can I also use this to can small batches of bounty instead […]

Salsa Verde Safe for the Water Bath

For the August canjam, I made what I made almost exactly a year ago today: salsa verde. And because I am creature of habit, I’ll say pretty much what I said in last year’s post: there are shockingly few published instructions available for canning tomatillos. Most of these recipes treat tomatillos like tomatoes, adding acid, […]

Giveaway: The Fresh Girl's Guide to Easy Canning and Preserving

This adorable little book and matching DVD arrived through my mailslot this week, thanks to the kind people at Voyaguer Press. The author, Ana Micka, calls herself “The Fresh Girl,” but all that I can tell you about her is that she’s based in Minnesota—her blog appears to be defunct. The book itself is chipper, […]

Tomato Sauce Under Pressure

Yes, yes, yes, I know. The tomato can jam entries should be posted next week, not this. Consider this post a safety intervention.

The most important thing to consider when you’re canning is whether your item is a high-acid or low-acid food. Most food-born pathogens, including yeasts, molds, and most bacteria, can be killed at 212°F. […]

Beans and Greens Salad

Wait…you didn’t think I preserved ALL of my greens, did you? Of course not! I’m managing to eat some, though hardly as many as I probably should. Besides sauteed in garlic, this is probably one of my favorite ways to eat them. This particular version was made with the greens of yellow beets. Yellow beet […]