Mystery Produce: Fresh Chickpeas

As part of Jilly’s visit to Philadelphia, we made our regular circuit of key South Philly institutions: La Lupe, Chickie’s, Di Bruno’s, and, of course, the Italian Market. Both of us got excited when we saw what we thought was a bin of fresh fava beans. We envisioned a fruity, lemony salad, maybe with […]

Carrot Yogurt Salad

Put this one in the tastier-than-it-looks category. We have an overabundance of carrots, thanks to the CSA, and an ample supply of yogurt, thanks to the trusty yogurt machine. Thus, carrot yogurt salad.

Carrot Yogurt Salad

5 or 6 large carrots, or as many as you feel like using
a cup of yogurt, more or less
2 or 3 […]