Tucking the Blog In

The more discerning readers among you may have noticed that this blog hasn’t been updated in over a year. It’s time to make it official: Doris and Jilly Cook is now defunct. If part of the point of Doris and Jilly was to inspire people to can without fear, it succeeded! When we started this […]

Disappearing Acts

This spring has been a blur.

At first, my cutting back on the blog was intentional. My husband and I had taken a fantabulous vacation to Costa Rica at the end of January. It was one of those times where having a chance to really and truly relax helps you realize how much of our stress […]

Posts I Wish I'd Written in 2010

This is a picture of an elaborate dehydrated apple experiment I conducted back in October. It’s also exactly the kind of geeky post that I know you guys love, and that I mostly didn’t get around to doing this year. It’s got that combo of science (control groups! recordkeeping! cellulose levels!), slight obsessiveness (soooo many […]


Hey, that canjam post? It’s not supposed to go up until Sunday. So we took it down, and it will reappear, like magic, Sunday afternoon. We’re hoping your comments return with it.

The Goats

The Goats on Facebook

Baaaaaah! (That’s a bleat of joy, not complaint.) The Goats have entered 2010 with a Facebook page. Please trot on over and give us a thumbs’ up! Once you “like” the site, you’ll be able to take part in discussions by posting comments, links, photos, and videos. We’ve been absolutely inspired by the online community […]

Blueberry Pucker Winner

…and the Blueberry Pucker Conserve goes to Mimi! (No. 11 on the random number generator.) I hope you enjoy your jar of tart summer sunshine.

Omega Love

I spent last weekend at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York, teaching a three-day workshop on local food preservation methods. Ordinarily, this is not a sappy blog, but bear with me. To have the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for canning, freezing, dehydrating, pickling, and fermenting with eager strangers, in a setting as beautiful […]

Fight Childhood Hunger (and eat well)

Philly folks: If you’re in town June 21st, please consider attending or supporting Philadelphia’s Taste of the Nation night at the Lowe’s Hotel. There will be food from fabulous restaurants, specialty cocktail stations, beer and wine, and a silent and live auction, and you might catch a glimpse of Philly’s own Top Chef finalist, Jennifer […]

Pickled Onions for Cocktails

Though you wouldn’t know it from my timing, I was very excited about this month’s CanJam featured cannable good: alliums. Reason A: I’m not the world’s greatest pickler, but I found the all those carrot pickles to be downright inspiring. Reason B: Although I haven’t yet gotten into the make-your-own-liquor craze, I do like me […]

Dried Papaya

I like papayas. They remind me of the Dominican Republic, where I spent a week two years ago sitting on the beach, drinking rum cocktails, and watching people kite surf. (No kite surfing for me, thanks. I like my neck.) Here in West Philly, where we’re blessed with a large immigrant population, you can find […]