Apple Carrot Chutney

Isn’t that a pretty jar? I’ll tell you all about it, including its single-piece cap system and the nice company that sent it to me, over the weekend. At the moment, though, I’ve got 20  minutes and a canjam deadline to meet.

SO! The answer, for me, was an apple carrot chutney from Anne Gardon’s Preserving […]

Paella with Mussels, Chorizo, and Artichokes

Remember those mussels? I only ate half the bag the other day, leaving the other half for another project. So, the next night, in keeping with the Spain theme, I thought I’d try my hand at a paella. When I went through a vegetarian phase in graduate school, I used to make a pseudo-paella […]

Classes, Books, and More

Happy Holidays, blogworld! I’m mostly on blog holiday this week, waiting for the Great Can Jam of 2010 to begin next week. Meanwhile, if you’ve been reading our feed, please check out our redesigned site, with more information about cooking and canning classes and the Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant and Café. (And if I use this […]

Roasted Cabbage and Brussel Sprouts

The more dedicated readers among you may remember that a few months ago I found myself the proud owner of a bumper crop of red cabbage. I turned most of them into spectacular pink sauerkraut, but I also tried an experiment. When I cut the heads, I left the bottom of the plant behind, much […]

An explanation...

You may have noticed that we’ve slowed down at bit here at Doris and Jilly. We have many and varied excuses. Canning season is winding down, and Jilly is (understandably!) devoting her attentions to her new restaurant, The Farmer’s Daughter Bakery and Cafe, in Princeton, Indiana. The other problem is that I, Doris, am supposed […]

Sustainable Seafood

This fall we’ll be trying a new approach to eating: community supported seafood. It’s like a CSA (community supported agriculture), but with fish. Working with sustainable fisheries in Alaska, the folks at Otolith supply their subscribers with a total of approximately 15 pounds of fish. In the summer, you get varieties of salmon; this fall, […]

The Canvolution Goes to Ignite Philly

If you’ve been missing your regular batch of canning instructions and you live in or near Philadelphia, come on out to Johnny Brenda’s tonight for Ignite Philly. Ignite Philly is a super cool event where 16 different speakers get 5 minutes and 20 slides to share their passions. I’ll be there, […]

Share the Goat Love

Hey y’all. As part of our upgrade we’ve added fancy social media buttons at the bottom of each post. Share away!

New Host, Same Feed

After eight months of blogging, Doris and Jilly have outgrown their original pasture over at Last night we switched over to a new host that will give us more flexibility and the ability to run ads, the better to keep us in canning equipment. Stay tuned—and bear with us—as we tinker with the new […]

Dehydrated Fruit

The problem with dehydrated fruit is that the people who live with you tend to eat it before winter comes. The only solution? Dehydrate more fruit.

I’d give you drying times, but they’re sort of meaningless, since it depends on the variety, the thickness of the fruit, the ambient temperature, and how you plan to store […]