Blueberry Pucker Winner

…and the Blueberry Pucker Conserve goes to Mimi! (No. 11 on the random number generator.) I hope you enjoy your jar of tart summer sunshine.

Freezing Cherries and Blueberries

Earlier this summer I posted a little rant about individually quick frozen fruit…which doesn’t mean that I not open to giving it another try. Several of you posted comments with tips for better results. Since I’m always game for an experiment, I thought: sure, let’s do it. So, of the fruit we picked last week, […]

A Jam Primer: Peach, Cherry, and Blueberry

The difference between “jam” and “jelly” (not to be confused with “jilly”) is mainly in the preparation: when you make jam, you leave some of the fruit whole; when you make jelly, you start with fruit juice. Jelly is useful in cases of extreme frugality (if, for example, you want to make jelly from fruit […]

Fruit Extravaganza Preview

This is what 49 pounds of fruit looks like. My billy and I spent his day off from work picking 19 pounds of sweet cherries (a late-breaking discovery at Rowand Farms! Open Sunday!), 10 pounds of blueberries, and 20 pounds of peaches.  Stay tuned next week for posts on peach sherbert, peach jam, cherry […]