Sour Cherry Heaven

Sour cherries are one of those ephemeral gifts of nature: if everything goes right, and it’s not too hot, or too cold, and it rains just enough, but not too much, and it doesn’t hail, cherry growers (and eaters) are rewarded with about two weeks of sweet-tart perfection. Because they are so precious, I had […]

Cherry Raspberry Jam

It’s not too late for raspberries! Cherries came and went long ago, but if you happened to freeze some, you can still make a fabulous, sweet-tart jam that tastes like summer. The raspberries melt into a luscious sauce studded with the cherries. It’s by far my favorite jam—the kind you hate to open because the […]

Peach, Cherry, and Apple Compote

My absolutely favorite way to eat fruit is over yogurt, so, when faced with the dwindling remains of the massive pile of fruit, I decided to combine the leftovers into a sort of “best of” fruit stew. You can preserve pretty much any kind of fruit this way: just pick some things that go together, […]

Better Dried Cherries (and a beef stew)

Remember how sad I was when I tried to dehydrate some Ranier cherries earlier this summer? It turns out it’s all in the variety. Cherries, it seems, can be divided into categories besides sweet and sour. You’ve also got your juicy cherries (think big, dark varieties) and your fleshy cherries (think Bings and Raniers: almost […]

Cherries in Syrup

Sorry for the silence, folks. I am forcing myself to step slowly away from the piano to tell you more about what we did with all that fruit. We’ll get back in the swing of thing with an easy one: cherries in syrup.

Do you like brandied cherries? Or maybe candied cherries? Then this one may […]

Freezing Cherries and Blueberries

Earlier this summer I posted a little rant about individually quick frozen fruit…which doesn’t mean that I not open to giving it another try. Several of you posted comments with tips for better results. Since I’m always game for an experiment, I thought: sure, let’s do it. So, of the fruit we picked last week, […]

A Jam Primer: Peach, Cherry, and Blueberry

The difference between “jam” and “jelly” (not to be confused with “jilly”) is mainly in the preparation: when you make jam, you leave some of the fruit whole; when you make jelly, you start with fruit juice. Jelly is useful in cases of extreme frugality (if, for example, you want to make jelly from fruit […]

Fruit Extravaganza Preview

This is what 49 pounds of fruit looks like. My billy and I spent his day off from work picking 19 pounds of sweet cherries (a late-breaking discovery at Rowand Farms! Open Sunday!), 10 pounds of blueberries, and 20 pounds of peaches.  Stay tuned next week for posts on peach sherbert, peach jam, cherry […]