Ask the Goats: Bad Seals in the Pressure Canner

A note from the goats: This blog used to have a weekly feature called “Ask the Goats.” At the time, most of our readers were people we knew in real life, and we quickly ran out of questions. Since then, our audience has grown, and we’re now getting a steady stream of questions on Twitter, […]

Hooray, hooray, for yellow mole!

Perhaps you’ve picked up on the themes in my recent posts. A) I like to travel to Spanish-speaking countries. B) I am really, really sick of this year’s epic Philadelphia winter, and prefer to imagine that I am elsewhere until the tulips start blooming. The good news is that, by the time this post is […]

Happy Thanksgiving! (and about that stock...)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! When you’re done eating that turkey, be sure to make a stock. BUT—and this is a big but—unless you have a pressure canner, please don’t attempt to can it. Unlike fruits, tomatoes, and tomatillos, stock is a low acid food, which means that the temperature of boiling water is not enough to […]

Canning Chicken Stock

When my mother offered me my grandmother’s pressure cooker a couple of years ago, I only agreed to take it because it meant I could reclaim my freezer from the stockpile of chicken stock it had become.  Unlike jams or even tomatoes, you can’t can meats or stocks in a water bath. Instead, you need […]