Doris and Jilly Make Cheese

As you’ve surely gathered by now, Jilly, the Southern Indiana sister, has some goats. Until a few months ago, however, she didn’t have any goat milk because her goats had never been bred. Recently, though, she and my brother-in-law increased their flock to include a goat in her milk. For better or for worse, […]

DIY: Are you creme curious?

Welcome to the first installment of our new weekly feature, Ask the Goats!

Q: Tell me more about creme fraiche. It seems expensive. What’s all the fuss about? Is there a version I can make myself?

(Courtsey J, one of Doris’s co-workers)

Friends, it is time to examine a dairy product you may be lacking in your life. […]

DIY Dulce de Leche

In Philadelphia, we have Capogiro‘s, a magical gelato store that will leave you penniless but happy. A certain someone has developed a minor obsession with their dulce de leche flavor, a wondrous vanilla with a thick swirl of caramel. I have yet to find a decent gelato recipe (readers: help!), and my ice cream  production […]

Yogurt Everyday

The local billy goat and I consume a shocking amount of yogurt: usually about 3 quarts a week. Yogurt makers are inexpensive (my model cost me $15 in 2003 and is now selling for $25 on and well worth it. Your first few batches may be a bit wobbly until you get the hang […]