Yogurt Everyday

The local billy goat and I consume a shocking amount of yogurt: usually about 3 quarts a week. Yogurt makers are inexpensive (my model cost me $15 in 2003 and is now selling for $25 on amazon.com) and well worth it. Your first few batches may be a bit wobbly until you get the hang […]

Preserved Lemons

I love preserved lemons. They’re like a sour, citrus salt kick, ready to be eaten straight out of the jar or tossed into salads. They’re also very easy to make, but you have to be patient and trust in the anti-microbial powers of salt.

What you’ll need:

3–4 lemons
beaucoup de kosher salt
more lemon juice
a sterilized pint jar
in […]

When Good Cider Goes Bad

What you are looking at is the sludge at the bottom of a gallon of cider I found in the back of my fridge. Tasted great while it lasted, but we weren’t quite quick enough to enjoy it. It turned the corner from fizzy to hard to ornery some time ago. Jilly tells me, however, […]