How to Cure and Smoke Salmon

I have been blessed with a freezer full of sustainably harvested salmon. Unlike my venison, I’ve had to pay for it, but I couldn’t ask for better quality than the stuff that’s been arriving in our CSS (community supported seafood) subscription through Otolith. Being a Midwesterner, it’s taken me several months to get the hang […]

Salt Cod Stew

Here we are, in the midst of the snowpacalypse, and my patience for winter is running out. I’ve been dreaming of warm, sunny places where it doesn’t snow 24″ every other month. I’ve been eating marmalade out of the jar and downing tropical fruit left and right, but clearly, it was time to step it […]

Sustainable Seafood

This fall we’ll be trying a new approach to eating: community supported seafood. It’s like a CSA (community supported agriculture), but with fish. Working with sustainable fisheries in Alaska, the folks at Otolith supply their subscribers with a total of approximately 15 pounds of fish. In the summer, you get varieties of salmon; this fall, […]