Spelt Salads

Somewhere out there is a reader who’s upset that I never actually posted the uses for spelt that I promised you. Ian, these are for you. (Both recipes, if you can call them that, are mine.)

Spelt, Barley, and Walnut Salad

1 c. cooked spelt
1 c. cooked bulgur
1/4 to 1/2 c. walnuts, chopped
about 1/2 a small red […]

Spelt in the Pressure Cooker

I know, I know. Spelt? Really? Yes. Cooked right, spelt is delicious and nutritious, high in fiber and protein. It’s basically a wheat berry (and most definitely contains gluten), but because it’s not exactly wheat, some people with wheat allergies can tolerate it. Like a regular wheat berry, the flavor is quite nutty, and it […]

Grains and Greens

More gems from the garden: turnip greens!

Inspired by Mark Bittman’s dictum to eat whole grains, everyday, I mixed this with bulgar for a hearty, healthy, meal. You’ll note that I didn’t say “attractive.” While tasty and nutritious, the look of the final product can only be described as Moosewood circa 1982:

Nevertheless, since it’s an interesting […]

Pea and Leek Risotto

Spring is finally here! Is there any dish that’s more springlike than a simple combination of leeks and peas? It’ll get even better in about three weeks when the peas come from the garden instead of the freezer, but even this version feels like a celebration of renewal.

If you’ve never tried making your own […]

Pressure Cooker Barley

Everybody’s been talking about Mark Bittman’s new plan to be vegan until dinnertime. Suddenly, he’s all about stocking your refrigerator with whole grains like barley, quinoa, and spelt, and snacking on them all week. Poor guy—no one seems to have told him that couscous isn’t really a whole grain. The thing is, he’s making it […]

A Crock-pot Apology

Oh, my little crock-pot, I owe you a sincere apology. I abused your smaller siblings for art projects involving mean paraffin and cruel crayons while wholly neglecting your culinary talents.  You’ve festered in back shelves, closets and dark, dark basements while I hopped around in the kitchen above with saucepans, skillets and stockpots. I’ve pawned […]