Lemon Lavender Fig Jam

Thank you, thank you, thank you, oh CanJam! All this time I have been pooh-poohing fancy, foodie-oriented artisanal preserves, in favor of my work-a-day, practical, frugal canned goods. I have been a fool. Food in Jar’s announcement of herbs as the starring ingredient for the April canjam practically gave me hives. I found the admonition […]

Tangerine Marmalade

Apparently great minds think alike. Yesterday morning I made a big batch of tangerine marmalade, as, apparently, did the folks at Put Up or Shut Up! The ingredients are pretty similar (there are only so many ways to combine tangerines and sugar), but there’s still plenty of variety in the technique. Pros of their version: […]

Cherry Raspberry Jam

It’s not too late for raspberries! Cherries came and went long ago, but if you happened to freeze some, you can still make a fabulous, sweet-tart jam that tastes like summer. The raspberries melt into a luscious sauce studded with the cherries. It’s by far my favorite jam—the kind you hate to open because the […]

A Jam Primer: Peach, Cherry, and Blueberry

The difference between “jam” and “jelly” (not to be confused with “jilly”) is mainly in the preparation: when you make jam, you leave some of the fruit whole; when you make jelly, you start with fruit juice. Jelly is useful in cases of extreme frugality (if, for example, you want to make jelly from fruit […]

Strawberry Fields Forever

Two weekends ago my billy and I picked nearly 20 pounds of strawberries at Gaventa’s Farms in South Jersey. Now that I’ve recovered from my strawberry-induced hallucinations, I can share the results of the food preservation fest that followed. We froze! We dehydrated! We made jam! We made BBQ sauce! Scroll down (it’s a long […]