Raspberry Plum Sorbet

My husband—a native New Englander—insists that the time to eat ice cream is winter, not summer. So, now that there’s a chill in the air, he’s craving frozen treats. Since this is an excuse to pull out yet another gadget from the pantry, I am happy to oblige.

Sorbets are basically a frozen purée of fruit […]


I have a lot of apples. Every week since September, our CSA has given us at least 3 pounds. Then we stick them in the crisper and promptly forget about them. Eventually, I remember, and then I make applesauce. The beauty of applesauce is that it both cans and freezes well, keeps for at least […]

Squash Posole

My massive collection of winter squash has been looking a bit soggy of late. Combined with the dreary weather, this seemed as good an excuse as any to make a warm winter stew. And since squash takes so long to cook, and since I couldn’t be bothered to plan ahead, this seemed like a good […]