A Peach Chutney for Picnics

With the gorgeous fall weather we’ve been having, shouldn’t the chutney get to go outside, too? Having simmered on the stove for more than two hours, I thought it deserved a moment of sunshine before being banished to a dark corner of the basement. Next time it sees the light of day it will be […]

Ask the Goats: Elderly peaches

Ask the Goats is a weekly feature in which we answer your food-preservation questions. It usually appears on Mondays, but, being the day after Labor Day, we’re considering today Monday-ish. Send us your questions at dorisandjilly@gmail.com.

Q. We have canned peaches and jam that have been in our attic for over 20 years. The seals are […]

Peach Sorbet

A spectacularly easy peach sorbet, made from homemade canned peaches. Note that this will only work if you canned your peaches in syrup—if you canned them in water, you’ll need to add at least a cup of sugar.

Peach Sorbet from Homemade Canned Peaches

2 pints or 1 quart canned peaches in syrup
1 T rum, brandy, or […]

Peach Syrup

Should you be so lucky as to still have access to peaches, and should you decide to can some, may I recommend a) that you drown them in honey and b) that you can the leftover juice/syrup/nectar as a base for delicious cocktails for sometime in the future?

Peaches in Honey (for canning)

Straight out of the […]

Dehydrated Fruit

The problem with dehydrated fruit is that the people who live with you tend to eat it before winter comes. The only solution? Dehydrate more fruit.

I’d give you drying times, but they’re sort of meaningless, since it depends on the variety, the thickness of the fruit, the ambient temperature, and how you plan to store […]

Peach, Cherry, and Apple Compote

My absolutely favorite way to eat fruit is over yogurt, so, when faced with the dwindling remains of the massive pile of fruit, I decided to combine the leftovers into a sort of “best of” fruit stew. You can preserve pretty much any kind of fruit this way: just pick some things that go together, […]

Peach Chutney with Lime

A good fruit chutney has many benefits. It’s a secret serving of a fruit, a piquant punch of flavor, and perhaps the ideal partner for a good cheddar cheese. It’s especially useful for cheap meals: a bowl of brown rice and dal gets a lot more interesting with a big plop of chutney on top.

I’ve […]

Peach Sherbet (and freeze ahead)

Mmmmm….peach sherbet. Need I say more? You do need an ice cream maker, but once you’ve got that, you’re home free. And while it’s not such a great idea to fill your freezer with sherbet for later consumption (it will lose its texture and you’ll be disappointed), you can freeze the mixture and then churn […]

A Jam Primer: Peach, Cherry, and Blueberry

The difference between “jam” and “jelly” (not to be confused with “jilly”) is mainly in the preparation: when you make jam, you leave some of the fruit whole; when you make jelly, you start with fruit juice. Jelly is useful in cases of extreme frugality (if, for example, you want to make jelly from fruit […]

Fruit Extravaganza Preview

This is what 49 pounds of fruit looks like. My billy and I spent his day off from work picking 19 pounds of sweet cherries (a late-breaking discovery at Rowand Farms! Open Sunday!), 10 pounds of blueberries, and 20 pounds of peaches.  Stay tuned next week for posts on peach sherbert, peach jam, cherry […]