Beans and Greens Salad

Wait…you didn’t think I preserved ALL of my greens, did you? Of course not! I’m managing to eat some, though hardly as many as I probably should. Besides sauteed in garlic, this is probably one of my favorite ways to eat them. This particular version was made with the greens of yellow beets. Yellow beet […]

How to avoid a Dal FAIL

Last week I tried to make my favorite yellow split pea dal in my crockpot. It was an utter FAIL. Really and truly nasty—by the time the peas were finally edible (sort of), they had turned a disgusting brownish green color, which is why I’m skipping the photo. However, dear readers, I want to spare […]

Split Pea Soup in the Pressure Cooker

Split pea may possibly be my absolute favorite winter food. The leaves fall, the rain comes, and it’s time for a big bowl of green goodness. In the past, I’ve made it in the crockpot, but sometimes it ends up tasting a little overcooked—especially if bacon is involved. This version, in the pressure cooker, will […]

Crockpot Chili with Sweet Pepper Salsa

Remember the only-slightly-weird sweet pepper salsa that I canned back at the beginning of September? It’s really not bad—but since it does taste more like gazpacho than true salsa, I couldn’t quite imagine putting it on chips. Hmmm, I thought. What goes well with tomatoes, peppers, onions, and vinegar? Actually: a lot. You could probably […]

Canning Tomatoes (the basics)

As you might have guessed given my giant pile of tomatoes, my next few posts will be all about things you can do with them: roasted tomatoes, roasted tomato salsa, tomato sauce, and mixed pepper sales. But first, let’s do the basics. How do you can tomatoes?

Tomatoes are an interesting case because they straddle the […]

Better Dried Cherries (and a beef stew)

Remember how sad I was when I tried to dehydrate some Ranier cherries earlier this summer? It turns out it’s all in the variety. Cherries, it seems, can be divided into categories besides sweet and sour. You’ve also got your juicy cherries (think big, dark varieties) and your fleshy cherries (think Bings and Raniers: almost […]

Spelt in the Pressure Cooker

I know, I know. Spelt? Really? Yes. Cooked right, spelt is delicious and nutritious, high in fiber and protein. It’s basically a wheat berry (and most definitely contains gluten), but because it’s not exactly wheat, some people with wheat allergies can tolerate it. Like a regular wheat berry, the flavor is quite nutty, and it […]

Homemade Hummus = (almost) Free Food

Commercial hummus makes me crazy. It’s expensive, chalky, and usually tastes of neither tahini nor chickpeas. So, I make my own. You can too, for about a third of the price of prepared hummus.

Basic Homemade Hummus

1 1/2 c. dried chickpeas  (about $0.70 if you buy in bulk)
3 T or so tahini, to taste (about $0.25, […]

Ask the Goats: Split Peas in the Pressure Cooker?

Q: All of the pressure cooker instruction books say that you shouldn’t cook split peas in your pressure cooker. But Doris, you told me you did! What happened? Is it safe?

(a conversation between Doris and Jilly)

Well, Jilly. No, you really shouldn’t do this. I tried, and it’s the only time that I have been frightened […]

Chickpea Stew

This chickpea stew—vaguely based on a similar one I had in Spain—has become a staple in our house. (I promise an update on those fresh chickpeas soon, but first, a stew to go with the rainy, dreary weather.) It’s cheap, flavorful, and, if you make it in the pressure cooker, surprisingly fast. It’s definitely intended […]