Happy Thanksgiving! (and about that stock...)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! When you’re done eating that turkey, be sure to make a stock. BUT—and this is a big but—unless you have a pressure canner, please don’t attempt to can it. Unlike fruits, tomatoes, and tomatillos, stock is a low acid food, which means that the temperature of boiling water is not enough to […]

Ask the Goats: Premature Seal?

Q: I tried canning chicken stock, and followed the directions on your blog, but the lids made the “pop” sound as soon as I poured the liquid in and seemed to seal (I hadn’t heated them up yet). Then I processed them. Is this OK? Are the jars safe to eat?

(from Christina, Philadelphia)

Yes! If you had […]

Canning Chicken Stock

When my mother offered me my grandmother’s pressure cooker a couple of years ago, I only agreed to take it because it meant I could reclaim my freezer from the stockpile of chicken stock it had become.  Unlike jams or even tomatoes, you can’t can meats or stocks in a water bath. Instead, you need […]