Stuffed Cabbage (or, Cabbage and Pork, Part II)

Y’all know I love my cabbage and pork. Once again, the picture doesn’t really do this meal justice. Imagine succulent cabbage melted onto the form of a giant pork meatball, equally sweet and sour. This recipe had the additional advantage of using up a variety of items filling my refrigerator, freezer, and winter pantry: homemade […]

Vinegar Update

Loyal readers may recall that one of our earliest posts dealt with making your own vinegar. I have been remiss in posting the promised update. As you can see, the gallon jug on the left contains a slightly opaque substance that used to be apple cider. It’s hard to see in the picture, but there’s […]

When Good Cider Goes Bad

What you are looking at is the sludge at the bottom of a gallon of cider I found in the back of my fridge. Tasted great while it lasted, but we weren’t quite quick enough to enjoy it. It turned the corner from fizzy to hard to ornery some time ago. Jilly tells me, however, […]