Yeastapalooza, Part 2

Yeastapalooza did not merely consist of cinnamon rolls and chocolate babka, my friends! We made blini, too!

Now, I must confess that I was not wise in the way of blini (the plural of blintz) before this weekend’s little experiment. Sure, I had had them, stuffed with cherry jam, at Rein’s Deli, but I didn’t know […]

Yeastapalooza, Part I

A co-conspirator and I dedicated a good chunk of last weekend to a science experiment involving different kinds of bread dough. The goal—besides blini for dinner and two freezers full of chocolate babka and cinnamon rolls—was to check out what different moisture content, varieties of fat, and egg treatments would do to dough. All of […]

Adventures in Hobo Bread

So truly, you want tasty and fast bread that looks all artisan-y and spendy. Me too. I like expensive bread. I especially like it now that I love hundreds of miles away from being able to purchase this bread. Having moved to the land of 79 cent white bread two years ago, we always knew […]